Whitney Dove


I attended South Plains College and Austin College, and earned a Master’s in Science Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington. Before coming to Accelerate Learning, I worked as a science instructional coach in Humble (Texas) Independent School District. There, I managed the science department at a middle school and also worked with the district curriculum team to ensure that the curriculum materials centered around current best practices. I also developed and presented professional development programs to large audiences. Before becoming an instructional coach, I taught eighth grade science for five years.

Why I Joined the Accelerate Learning team

I am of the firm belief that teachers have the profound responsibility to help students cultivate their passions. What better way to do that than through learning? At Accelerate Learning, our ability to help students have wonderful experiences in their science classes is growing exponentially. Simply put, I want to work with Accelerate Learning and STEMcoach products because I want to see more students have meaningful learning experiences in their science classrooms.

What I do at Accelerate Learning

My role is to work together with my colleagues to bring high quality assessments and rich learning experiences to students across Texas and the nation. C. J. Thompson and I work together to oversee the writing of all of the multiple choice assessments and middle school content connection videos. We are also often involved in special projects, such as developing online professional development courses for teachers who are ready to embrace inquiry science learning.

My hope for the future classroom

My sincere hope is that students in future classrooms will be able to choose topics that are of interest to them and be able to explore them deeply. I believe that the “big science” concepts are likely to unveil themselves for just about any topic they choose. In my ideal future, students will be given access to a variety of technological resources and materials, and will be able to, at any time, seek the advice of an expert in the field and communicate with peers around the globe who are interested in the same topics.

In my spare time…

I have two beautiful children, Caleb and Hannah, who keep me on my toes! Caleb competes in triathlons and Hannah swims with Blue Tide Aquatics, so we have a race or a swim meet almost every weekend! My husband, Rodney, also enjoys triathlons. He has completed two Ironman half-triathlons and is training for his first full Ironman. I have run several half-marathons, but mostly find myself chasing after these guys! In addition to all that sportsy-type stuff, I also enjoy playing in my church’s handbell choir and traveling.

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